Terms & Conditions

Timberoots Pty Ltd Terms and Conditions of Sale


Merchandise not paid for in FULL will not be delivered or released for collection.

Please note

  • ⎫ EFT’s must be CLEARED in the account for 24 hours prior to releasing any goods.
  • ⎫ Proof of identity can be requested for use of any debit or credit card facilities
  • ⎫ No cheques are allowed
  • ⎫ Should any purchase with a balance not be collected within 30 days of the first notification, the  Seller, Timberoots Pty Ltd will retain both the product and the deposit.
  • ⎫ The Purchaser is liable for any collection/courier costs incurred, especially if balances are not cleared in our account prior to collection.


The Terms and Conditions set forth herein represent an offer by Timberoots Pty Ltd to sell wooden machine-manufactured as well as hand-made products to the Purchaser. The Purchaser’s acceptance of a Timberoots Pty Ltd sales order/quote or invoice is an acceptance of the terms and conditions herein. In the event that the terms and conditions of an order are contrary to the terms and conditions indicated herein, these terms and conditions shall supersede any inconsistent or contrary terms and conditions indicated on the actual order or any other document supplied. A waver of any one term or condition shall not be deemed a waiver of any other term or condition.


The Purchaser is responsible to check all merchandise before leaving the premises. All claims for workmanship defects (excluding wood grain or natural wood defects), shortages and errors must be submitted within 2 days after the purchase and upon the written agreement from Timberoots Pty Ltd, damaged goods must be return within 7 days of that agreement. Please submit a written claim for the alleged defect, accompanied by photographs to timberoots@gmail.co.za Failure to submit a claim within 2 days after the purchase and receipt of the merchandise constitute acceptance of the merchandise and a waiver of claims.

Payments will not be made for any unauthorized repairs or for goods damaged in transit. Unless agreed upon in writing, Timberoots Pty Ltd will not refund but offer an exchange.

Under no circumstances, will any purchased merchandise damaged by the Purchaser be exchanged or refunded.

Please contact the office should you require a copy. Acceptance of a quote means you have read and accept the terms and Conditions.